This Seasons Lips.

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Flicking through pages and pages of magazines, it’s wasn’t quite as apparent as normal as to what colour lipstick we should all be dashing out to buy. From what i could see, these are this seasons trends: nudes, corals and reds & berries. And finding the right product of each can be challenging. I’m dedicating a post to each of the three mentioned trends – this one is for the nudes.

I like wearing nudes in the day, as they exude an effortless, polished look. Magazines and polls show evidence of men preferring a natural look, as opposed to a bright, flamboyant look. So if you, like me, are a fan of nudes this summer, my colour picks are:

MAC stock a huge selection of top quality shades with different finishes, and all colours cost £12.50.

Please Me (Matte) is a muted light pink shade which is less flamboyant than the lady gaga shade (tamara did a post on that – click here) but it’s more than layering foundation on your lips. It’s a summery, pastel tone, and it would look good with colourful, bright eyeshadow.

Fabby (Frost) is mid-tone mauve with gold pearl – it looks more nude than it sounds. This is versatile, but i’d say that it’s sliding towards the evening end of the wearable scale. (to the left)

Kinda Sexy (Matte) is a neutral pinky-rose – it’s similar to the Please Me, but it’s way toned down. This lipstick allows dark eye makeup to dominate the face, and would be suitable for both evening and day. This one is most nude and muted out of the three MAC shades mentioned, and this suits all skintones.

I could talk about so many more MAC shades but i’m going to save you that much reading hassle and list them for you instead: Midimauve, Snob, Piink!, Angel, High Strung, Creme Cup, Pink Plaid, Shy Girl, Faux, Patisserie, Brave, Syrup, Fanfare, Naked Paris, and for darker skin also try: Half n Half, Fast

Play and Creme D’Nude. Enough of MAC…

Ecco Bella I’ve very slightly mentioned before but the products from this brand are very natural and free of everything -they’re made of vegetables waxes, oil and mineral pigment. They do a great range of moisturising lipsticks; my favourite are Napa Grape, Rosewood and Sangria.

Valerie Beverly Hills was created by Valerie Sarnelle, a makeup artist to the stars who has her own

makeup range and I’m a big fan of hers – click on this link to see her using her own products to create a simple, evening look click here. However, her makeup is not cheap; the lipstick she uses in the video is $25 or around £17. My picks? Shades Joy, Brad and Charity.

Cheap Lipstick Picks:

Collection 2000 Make a competent Volume Sensation Lipstick – these are only £2.99. It’s both moisturising and volumising but only lasts for about an hour so you will need to bring it out with you. It comes in 11 shades and right now if you spend only £4 on collection 2000 you get a free gift! All the shades are quite different for different skin colours – Sea Shell is for me.

Lastly (yes you are probably praising the heavens that you’ve managed to read this

much about nude lipstick!) is Max Factor Colour Collections Lipstick. Tamara actually left some of this at my house and being the makeup obsessive I am, I tried it out. I was actually very impressed; it is very soft and moisturising and is better than a lot of ‘high street’ lipsticks. The most natural, flattering shade I think is English Rose. (right top)

I hope out of the 1000’s of products listed here you may be able to find a nude lipstick! But just so you’re all aware, I have pale-ish skin with medium size, light pink lips so although I can make suggestions I can’t be so sure on totally different skin colours and lip colours because I can’t really compare 😀 But hope this helps anyway.

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