Bella Pierre Cosmetics.

Hey there,

So at The Clothes Show last weekend, i was dying to check out the Bella Pierre stand, as i’ve heard many great things about them.

Bella Pierre is a mineral makeup and skin care brand, who only use 100% natural ingredients in their products. What interested me the most were the ‘Shimmer Powders’, which are multi-use pigments. I say multi-use because you can use them as:

  • Eyeshadow
  • Eyeliner (just mix with water)
  • Face Powder (use for highlight/glow)
  • Lip Colour (just mix with clear lip balm/gloss, or vaseline)
  • Nail Polish (using a clear nail polish, dab the brush into the powder, and watch it transform on your nails)
  • Body Shimmer (mix with moisturizer)

Also, another great feature about these ‘Shimmer Powders’ is that they are incredibly shimmery, but if you use a base, they become matte! These also come in a huge range of colours, and you can buy them individually, in sets of 3, or in sets of 9.

This product is one-of-a-kind, i mean, have you ever heard of anything like this?

So i went ahead and bought a ‘Shimmer 9 Stack’ in ‘Astrid’ which is £60 (but if consider everything you get, it’s pretty good value.). Bella Pierre should be launching in major UK department stores soon, so keep an eye open!

Click here to view the Bella Pierre online shop.

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  1. Schems08

    OMG!!!! It looks the same as the products of Bella Terra Cosmetics! O_O

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