Why Bother Making Spot Creams??

Hey there,

Recently, i read Youtube Guru Lauren Luke’s online column for The Guardian, where she recommends ‘tea tree oil’ for treating stubborn spots. I couldn’t see the harm in spending £3.59 on a Holland & Barrett bottle.

At the time (‘the time’ being a week ago) i had a really awful spot that was just begging to be squeezed, so i did (i’ll spare you the gory details :P) and then i rubbed a little of this on before i went to bed. The strong smell is extremely distinctive, but it luckily wears off in the night – also, when applied, it does sting a little, but i like knowing that it’s working…

After applying it for three nights in a row, the spot had gone. No scarring, and no dry skin – i was amazed. I’m also pretty relieved, as i know i won’t be splashing out on any expensive spot treatments soon.

These bottles are available online and instore – click here for more information

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