Glamour Doll Eyes – Eternal Bonds (Twilight) Collection.

Hey there,

Let me start by saying that the regularity of posts will now go back to normal (well, i mean the time before summer).

So, I had seen these eyeshadows used in a couple of youtube guru’s videos, and they looked pretty unique, and, as it’s a youtube business, i was sold.

Eternal Bonds Collection

(colours pictured from left to right)

Skin of a Killer is one of two ‘Cullen’ shadows; this shadow is a very bright, shimmery white that actually looks pretty similar to Edward’s skin in the movie when he’s in the sunlight. This colour can be used as a brow highlight if you’re pale, but this also looks great around the tearduct area, and on the cheeks as a highlight.

Family Secret is the second (Cullen) shadow; this is a more silvery version of Skin of a Killer, that can be used as a brow bone highlight or a base for a silver smokey eye.

Dear Mom is inspired by Esme, and is a glittery medium pink colour – i find that this doesn’t look great on the eyes, but looks lovely on cheeks and lips.

Mood Swing is inspired by Jasper, and is a greyish blue with multi-coloured sparkles – i find this blends well with both greens and blues, and a gentle alternative to a bright blue.

The Perfect Cure is inspired by Carlisle, and is a soft shimmery medium brown – this looks beautiful on its own or blended with any other neutral colours (Urban Decay’s Naked Palette in particular).

Just Bitten is inspired by Bella – this is my absolute favourite out of the collection. It’s a deep purple with purple and cranberry shimmer – this looks lovely with dark, neutral colours.

Big Brother is inspired by Emmet, and is a light-olive shimmery green. I thought that i would dislike this colour the most out of the whole collection, but i like it a LOT. This blends really well with blues and greens and is really versatile.

Premonition is inspired by Alice, and is a dark blue with pink shimmer – a really unique shade.

Mind Reader is inspired by Edward, and is a deep blue with silver glitter – this works brilliant both dry and wet as liner, and the glitter stays put!

Black Ice is inspired by Rosalie, and is a matt black with silver glitter – the same texture and formula as Mind Reader (above).

There are many things i love about Glamour Doll Eyes, perhaps the fact that i bought all of these shadows for $17.75 with free shipping plus two free samples. Or perhaps i love them because you can choose the amount you buy – a sample ‘baggie’ is a little plastic bag with 0.5grams of product in, a sample jar contains 1gram of product, and a full size jar (which is the same size as the sample jar, but it) contains 5grams of product (these sound small amounts, but these are loose shadows that are really pigmented, so a lot of product isn’t needed).

I also love Glamour Doll Eyes because if you buy a sample of a product and you want to repurchase that shadow in full size, the price of the sample price that you paid gets deducted!

All of that AND free international shipping (my shadow came after 7 days)!! I thought these were too good to be true…they’re not.

I will definitely (definitely) be purchasing from Glamour Doll Eyes again!

To purchase, visit the official GDE website here.

If you would like to watch the youtube video in which i heard about them, then click here.



p.s. i know it may sound like it, but i’m not affiliated with glamour doll eyes, and i purchased these eyeshadows myself. I just really like them…:)


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