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MAC’s New Fabulous Felines Collection…

Hey there,

Long time, no post – as always, i am genuinely sorry! Anyway, with the new season comes the new MAC collection; released in the UK in september, ‘Fabulous Felines’, has three main looks – ‘Palace Pedigreed’ – greyed tones of blues and purples, ‘Leopard Luxe’ – amber and honey and the last, ‘Burmese Beauty’ – green and smokey.

What most excites me most about this collection are the pigments, which are all frosts, making them perfect for highlighting the face when under dull grey skies. I’m also a sucker for multi-use products, and most of the pigments in this collection are usable all-over-face colours.

If you are like me and cannot possibly wait until september, check out MAC’s american site for more product and collection details here.

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