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Solar Powder by Soap & Glory

Hey there,

Today I went on my first shopping trip of the week, and of course, no shopping trip is complete without a great deal more makeup at the end than at the beginning….

So, the first thing I grabbed was Soap & Glory’s Solar Powder – A bronzy pink sunkissed powder. It looks amazing –  and I mean AMAZING. The packaging is really cute, and on the inside is a handy mirror for on-the-go application. The actual product  is half dark bronzer and half light pink highlighter (the same idea behind ‘perfect 10’ by Benefit), and there is also a brush with it. I was slightly skeptical – it seemed too good to be true…

As soon as i got home I almost ran to try it on, and i wasn’t disappointed! This is one  of the nicest bronzers I have come across and I’ve tried quite a few. The colours mean you can use it anywhere you really want and the peel off is fantastic. It really just gives the perfect amount of colour without making me look like a carrot or a raspberry! Slightly brown but rosy at the same time (The idea behind Benefit’s ‘Dallas’).

If i were you, i’d hurry to grab this great bargain –  it’s down from £12.99 to £7.99 at boots…

Stay tuned for more reviews, tips and tricks of the trade.




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Prime Your Eyes!

Hey there,

On Saturday, i went to a friends barmitzvah, and, while i was getting ready, wondered whether primers are really necessary. I was young and foolish.

I used No7’s Stay Perfect Smoothing & Brightening Eye Base that costs £7.50 – which is cheaper than most primers. It’s a medium/flesh shade of pink, and has a smooth texture. I would definitely recommend this, because the whole night, my eye makeup didn’t budge. I applied this with my ring finger (not with the crappy brush it came with) all over my eyelid, and, when i applied eyeshadow, i really noticed how the colours seemed to stick to my skin a lot better. This particular primer also looks nice when worn alone, making your eyes look refreshed.

Now, there are some pricier options around, such as benefit’s F.Y…Eye! and Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. I feel that they all do the same thing, and i even prefer the No7 one because it looks nice when worn alone. The more expensive ones are like glorified concealers.

Stay tuned for more reviews, tips and tricks of the trade.



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The Contents Of Charlotte’s Makeup Bag (Half My Life!)

Hey there,

Now, having a lot of make-up is all very well (you should see me and Tamara) but we can’t get everything out everywhere we go! So i’ve made a list of everything that has earned it’s rightful place in my glorious makeup bag.

1 Foundation – I have benefit some kind-a gorgeous + a sponge to apply.

2 Blusher – M.A.C. cream blush (all shades are great) benefit (any square blush box).

1 Bronzer – I’m still yet to find one almost as good Benefit Hoola.

1 Concealer – I really need to review some more so your pick or I use Laura Mercier’s.

1 Mayebelline’s Eye Shadow Natural Impact Palette – There is a review of this (Click ‘reviews’ on our category cloud). It’s perfect for day.

2 Eyeshadows – I have a L’oreal colour appeal platinum in pure gold for a nice glow and I have a silver for a more glamourous look (L&B at Sainsburys and MAC are my favourites)

A few eyeliners – I love eyeliner and have a lot of mini one from my 24/7 urban decay as well as white a definite. I also bring brown, black, purple, blue and the ‘all important’ gold. (these are mini).

2 Mascaras – Max Factor’s False Lash Effect, L’oreal Telescopic.

1 Eyelash curler (I have the Laura Mercier one and it is amazing)

1/ 2 lipsticks – 1 medium shade or 1 neutral and a bolder shade (MAC are my favourite)

1 Lipgloss – Everyone needs a good gloss as a pick-me-up – my choice being MAC’s selection

3/4 Brushes – I have my brilliant Body Shop Face & Body brush, a MAC blusher brush & an eyeshadow brush- this is Laura Mercier and comes with a smaller brush on the end for shadow liner.

1 Perfume – We’ll do a post soon but I use Miss Dior Cherie or Diesel Fuel For Life. They smell amazing and I get tonnes of compliments when i wear either one.

Extras – ALWAYS have a few cotton wool buds, cotton wool pads and tweezers.

Hopefully this helps and guides you. A makeup bag is a girls best friend so it has to be kitted out properly inside!!

Stay tuned for more reviews, tips and tricks of the trade!



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Benefit Makeup Bests and Worsts

Hey there

We’re going to give you the low down on benefit makeup – its not cheap so making sure you only buy the best is important.


  • BADGal Lash Mascara Do not waste £14.50 on a mascara that’s as average as a £3.00 one; it’s utterly useless. This mascara has a large, impressive wand, but produces an unimpressive effect. It isn’t nice to apply, and the formula quickly dries and becomes clumpy and unusable. You’re much better off with on of our alternatives (i.e. Lash Architect by Loreal).

  • Dr. Feelgood This face primer makes your skin feel far from good. It’s think and your face feels smothered in a paste. It makes your skin look older, emphasising creases, and foundation doesn’t apply smoothly on top. This retails at £19.50. You’re better off using a thin moisturiser before applying foundation – Trust us.
  • Miss Popularity We’re sorry to say, but this – ain’t so popular. That’s why, currently on the benefit website, they’re selling it for half price (as you can see in the bottom corner of the picture). That must be saying something, because benefit sales happen as often as it snows in africa… It’s a powder highlighter sold in a tube with a sponge (why?) applicator. It’s a messy, hard to apply, white shimmery powder which makes your face look pale. Also, the packaging looks cheap and nasty (much like the product – ouch). Enough said.
  • Lip Plump This is about as plumping as vaseline. Wait, that’s an insult to vaseline… It’s awful to apply and almost impossible to make an even coat on your lips. It has the same effect as the ‘foundation-on-your-lips’ trick, but without the ability to put a lip colour on top. As most of the benefit products, this is overpriced at £14.50. We think you’d be better off putting foundation on your lips…

BEST (It’s not all crap, guys…)

  • Hoola The best bronzer around; an exceptionally nice colour to give anyone a picture perfect look with a slightly pinker shade. ‘Dallas’ is lovely – it’s a mix between a bronzer and blush with a hint of sparkle, which is great for a laid back look. Basically, apart from ‘thrrrob’ which is too light and sparky anything in a square pot by benefit is a god send and we highly (highly) recommended.

  • Big Beautiful Eyes This palette includes boing concealer (in a medium, slightly orange shade, you can only use this around the eyes, unless you’re a fan of the tangerine look – which we aren’t), a soft pink eyeshadow (perfect for highlight and as a neutral, pretty looking shadow), a medium brown shadow (great for contouring your eyes when applied in the socket crease on the outer half of the eye) and a dark brown shadow liner. It also comes with 2 mini brushes: one double ended (a fluff shadow brush on one end, a straight liner brush on the other), and a mini concealer brush. This palette produces a natural, neutral look, and, in our opinion, actually does make your eyes look bigger!
  • Some kind-a gorgeous This foundation is sold in a compact, and is known, by benefit, as a ‘foundation faker’, implying that it’s sooo natural that you cant even tell you’re wearing it. It’s formula is creamy to the touch, but not heavy. It’s sold in two shades (booo) but in most cases, it blends into your skin colour. Yes it’s pricey (retailed at £20.50), but foundation creates a canvas for the rest of your face, so we can afford to splash out on a product this good – it lasts for ages and is most definitely worth it!
  • Moon Beam This highlighter gives a stunning glow that will get those heads turning. It gives an almost golden shimmer which is irresistible, easy to apply and the formula stays nice for ever. Also ‘High Beam’ is great for a pinker more summery look and complements blusher. (see  the first of our bests).

If you think we’ve mis-diagnosed a product, or you just wanna say hi, feel free to comment…

Stay tuned for more reviews, tips and tricks of the trade.

Tamara and Charlotte xx


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