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Crown brushes review.

Hey all,

About 9 months ago Tamara and I visited Olympia Beauty in London and my biggest discovery of the day was Crown Brushes. At the time I only bought a fluffy eye shadow brush and a contour brush as my brush collection was pretty full anyway but in May I decided to order a few more and i have been extremely impressed.

Crown brushes are of a high quality; their not quite MAC but in terms of what you get for your money you can’t go wrong. 

Foundation brushes range from £4-£11 

A 12 piece brush set will set you back only £22.50 where as somewhere like sigma which is of a similar, very slightly higher quality will cost you easily £70.

You can also get eyeshadow brushes from £2!

You are also certainly not limited for choice, there are a lot of ranges including synthetic hair, italian badger and duo fibre. You can also find a range of quality according to price but in comparison to other leading brush brands even their highest quality brushes are of good value.

Their stiff tapered brush is my all time favourite  blending brush i use it daily and have been for 9 months and it only cost me £2.95-

Another favourite is their soft taklon foundation brush for only £5.76-

So if you’re looking for a dupe or any makeup brush I suggest you visit and i’m pretty sure you won’t be too disappointed.

Let me know your opinions of crown brush in the comments and feel free to ask any questions!

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Ms Makeup brushes :-S


It’s quite likely you’ve either seen or tried Ms Makeup and when I received a set of their brushes for my Birthday I was excited to see how they fared out. I was given the 7 piece brush set worth £7.99 at boots.

O Dear. I really do not Ms Makeup recommend these to anyone. They are far to bendy, the bristles fall out (not just when you wash them but all over your face), they somehow manage to create excessive fall out and trying to wash them causes even more bristles to fall out and the black die runs slightly during cleaning. Just don’t waste your money!

If you wan’t an alternative I suggest EcoTools. Their also sold in boots and a set is around £15 for 5 brushes. The brushes are amazing quality. They almost compare to body shop brushes and that is saying a huge deal. They are soft with dense bristles that don’t shed (unlike Ms Makeup) These brushes are also Eco friendly, cruelty free and recycled materials so you can’t really go wrong. These brushes are available at large boots.

I hope this post may help you when your deliberating on which brush set to buy!

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The Number 1 Spot Cover Up Stick.

Hey there,

It’s official: organic, mineral and well just good quality makeup is taking over the globe!

Recently I woke up and looked in the mirror to find a huge red spot! So at first I tried about every concealer and cover up stick around, topped with a lot of foundation and yes it all covered it up, but later in the day it was visible again and it wasn’t getting any better. So I decide to try out my Ecco Bella Flowercolor cover up.

Wow. Now I have always thought that cover ups are slightly pointless on spots (although if I look a bit for wear I do use them as concealer) and don’t work too well (The body shops = disaster!) but this Oh My God the spot was gone in less than a second and proceeded to stay like that all day long 😀

It looks a bit like a skin coloured lipstick, but on a spot it looks like the spot’s been airbrushed away! And, since it’s organic and good quality, it won’t make the spot worse like other cover up sticks.

Also the ingredients of this product are very……..different!

Castor oil, isopropyl palmitate (from palm oil), candelilla wax, beeswax, organic calendula oil, organic chamomile oil, organic jojoba oil, 100iu Vitamin E, titanium dioxide and flower wax iron oxides.- but odd as they might sound I can’t thank enough who every thought. I know lets make a cosmetics range……..and put beeswax inside!

This isn’t cheap but it is 110% worth the $15.95 so about £10 or £11. It also comes in two shades (both white) they are beige which I have and Medium beige. If you have spotty skin this is a must have life changing product but if your like me and gets the odd spot from time to time it’s a life saver too!

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Hey there,

You might have heard of Cowshed before, although possibly not a lot, I didn’t really know that much until recently… even though my makeup bag is by them (although that I got with a magazine!) but I have found that they are actually a very good brand.

The products are all natural which is becoming more and more popular and I think with bath and body products this is quite important. All the products are therapeutic and plant based, the brand started of in 1998 in the cowshed spa in Somerset. The names of the products are great too, Grumpy cow, Lazy cow, Horny cow, Bullocks (for boys) and on and on…

Personally I think Cowshed are p.e.r.f.e.c.t for gifts. If you aren’t too sure on what to get someone look no further, gift sets are around £15 to £20 so for your mum or friends it’s great, my favourites are pocket cow bath and body for £18.50 which has got the

5 best selling products but mini, I also love the mixed mini bath and shower gel and candle set (the title pretty much explains it!) for £15 I just love how nice it looks and you get a taster for everything inside! The candles smell amazing and are really calming too. 1 big candle is £28 but 4 small ones are £20 so I suggest this for someone you wan’t to spend a little more on. I’m ordering one for my mum! The other product that struck me as a great gift was the exfoliating & massage mitt for £8 this is made from linen and cotton so not hard painful material like a lot of exfoliating products are made from, its quite different and i’m pretty sure your unlikely to find people who wouldn’t love it!

Overall i’d love any of the products for myself so other people would too, and you can even get gift for men (it’s nearly fathers day!!) They also habe a great Maternity and baby section with everything you could possibly need for a child or mother and it’s all organic and specially designed with really cute names Baby Cow Organics Buttery Bottom Balm is just one! So if your stuck for presents check Cowshed out and the lovely packaging really helps as well as the names 😀 have a look for yourself at

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Trish McEvoy.

Hey there,

We haven’t really shed light to the wonderful brand that is Trish McEvoy but Tamara mentioned the eye primer/base in her tired eyes post (click here to view). I had heard of Trish McEvoy before, but i only decided to try the products because a friend of mine literally swears by it.

Trish McEvoy’s products are all very compact and the most famous is ”the makeup planner’. This is basically a makeup kit that contains all basic makeup you need all in one. She had the genius idea of creating this type of product on holiday, when she had tons of separate compacts.


These kits also have a custom feature – you can pick the brushes and products that go in it, and there are brush slots and zips for all of this. Also, you can fit your personal makeup in there to! When I first saw their volumising mascara I was very(very) skeptical. The whole thing was tiny and very light, it didn’t look that volumizing but in my lashes one coat did the job brilliantly! If you’re someone who doesn’t have hours to do your makeup everyday, and if you don’t have the space or just want to get organised with your makeup this brand if for you. Although it’s in America all orders over $50 (so about £40) get free shipping and a gift with your order.

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