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Crown brushes review.

Hey all,

About 9 months ago Tamara and I visited Olympia Beauty in London and my biggest discovery of the day was Crown Brushes. At the time I only bought a fluffy eye shadow brush and a contour brush as my brush collection was pretty full anyway but in May I decided to order a few more and i have been extremely impressed.

Crown brushes are of a high quality; their not quite MAC but in terms of what you get for your money you can’t go wrong. 

Foundation brushes range from £4-£11 

A 12 piece brush set will set you back only £22.50 where as somewhere like sigma which is of a similar, very slightly higher quality will cost you easily £70.

You can also get eyeshadow brushes from £2!

You are also certainly not limited for choice, there are a lot of ranges including synthetic hair, italian badger and duo fibre. You can also find a range of quality according to price but in comparison to other leading brush brands even their highest quality brushes are of good value.

Their stiff tapered brush is my all time favourite  blending brush i use it daily and have been for 9 months and it only cost me £2.95-

Another favourite is their soft taklon foundation brush for only £5.76-

So if you’re looking for a dupe or any makeup brush I suggest you visit and i’m pretty sure you won’t be too disappointed.

Let me know your opinions of crown brush in the comments and feel free to ask any questions!

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