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Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation.


Now I can only speak for myself but I personally find that foundation is a very tricky thing to buy. I mean there’s a lot to consider shades, thick/thinness, your skin type, price and the list goes on and on and on! For me yes i’ve tried a lot I like and a lot I do not like but for me Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect is perfect. Especially for Summer.

Why is it for me?

This foundation is full of Vitamins E, F, B5 and minerals and is designed to give you a rested, even complexion. The formula is oil free and quite light. It comes in 6 shades (all of which are for people with white skin) there are a lot of red and yellow tone. I am shade 72 and it is my exact skin colour which I have never found before. The bottle is a good size and fits easily in a makeup bag. It is very, very light which made me origianally assume there

was not much product in there but when I compared it had 30ml which is the same as all of my other foundation avon, channel etc and they weigh a hell of a lot more! It also has a pump so you use the exact right amount of product.

Although getting to the point the reason I love this so much is because of what it looks like on. It gives you a really nice dewy, luminous complexion and although it has no collagen in it it gives the impression of young, glowing skin and covers imperfections (and dark circles quite well) without feeling heavy on your skin. It actually feels really light, more like tinted moisturiser. Basically i have been using this foundation for a few weeks now and I am in love with it, for me it is perfect and for sure lives up to the description (a very rare thing!)

Why it may not be for you?

If you have any shade of non white skin than Bourjois just like almost every other average brand in boots doesn’t cater very well for your skin tone and Mac is the place to be.

If you have acne you can use this although you may wan’t something thicker as this won’t give you all the coverage you need (still usable though!)

This is fine for all skin types dry, oily, combination due to the formula being oil free yet sill being moisturising and full of vitamins BUT if you do have oily skin I recommend using or mattifiyng translucent powder on top, in particularly around your T-zone.

Other Information

This foudantion is £8.99 at boots although if you look around it’s cheaper (£6 on ebay is the best deal i’ve found) and I strongly reccomend anyone try it and give me your feedback. I mean on the boots website theres 29 ratings and almost all of them are  5 stars! That got to say something. I hope you like this post and you do try it please let me know your opinions.

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Stila Tinted Moisturiser.

Hey there,

This weekend I was dragged through hell and back (i’m advising anyone out there to not do Duke of Edinburgh!).

Anyway, it was a very hot weekend perfect for getting a tan and full on foundation just wasn’t suitable, so I brought along my new Stilla tinted moisturiser with me which I bought from the discount website tamara taked about called And although most of the weekend was a disaster, this product I will be adding to my summer makeup bag!

And at only £4.95 on Cheap Smells down from an impressive £18, I can’t really see any faults. The product itself is quite thick but not as thick as a foundation so it gives you a good coverage without making your skin feel made up. It comes in three shades – i have shade 1 (although it is a tiny bit too pink so next time i think I will buy shade 2). This also had SPF 15, (which I feel is appropriate for the recent heat wave in England!) so if your going on holiday and want something with a higher SPF, you can always put sun cream on underneath.

The only down fall I can say is that it’s called ‘illuminating tinted moisturizer’ and I don’t find this product to be very illuminating, so I suggest MACs strobe cream underneath. Anyway I still think that it is worth it for sure and it is perfect for summer. Hope this helps!

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Tamara’s New Foundation.

Hey there,

Coincidentally, my foundation ran out at the same time as Charlotte’s, but i’m going to review it anyway.

I was using No7’s Stay Perfect foundation (£14.25) when…the pump broke :(. Not that there was anything left in it… I thought the foundation was average – average coverage, average packaging and average lasting time. I found, like i do with most foundations, that it didn’t last well – meaning i didn’t look the same when i left the house and came back. I also found that it didn’t moisturize my skin at all, which it was supposed to do.

So, i went to boots the other day and came back with L’oréal’s True Match Foundation in Rose Vanilla – I tried to buy it slightly lighter than my skin because i love that pale winter look. It turns out that it isn’t lighter than my skin at all, but darker and slightly orange. I found this odd, seeing as i purposely bought a pink-toned colour… This is the colour i would usually go for, but wasn’t intending to buy. When i first tried it, i found that it was very average, and that it didn’t really blend with my skin colour.

On the other hand, the idea behind the product is good – there’s a variety of pink and yellow tones for different skin colours. This would make it seem like there was a huge variety, but, frankly, the darkest shade is as dark as a summer tan on white skin. For anyone with darker skin, the variety is zilch. Not that you’re missing out hugely…

I hope this review has been helpful.

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24th February 2010

Re-Reviewing True Match

After using this for a while, i’ve found that it will not stay on. Pressed powder doesn’t keep it on, applying more doesn’t keep it on, so for me, it’s starting to become useless. It also doesn’t apply very easily, and doesn’t dry, meaning i have foundation on a tissue if i blow my nose, and i often fiind it smeared onto my phone! 😦

So i definitely wouldn’t recommend it.

I would be interested in trying Maybelline’s Dream Creamy compact, and L’oreal’s True Match Roll-On. If you’ve tried any, or if you want us to try any, feel free to comment below.

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Charlotte’s New Foundation.

Hey there,

After my benefit foundation ran out, I thought it’d be exciting to choose soomething else, so after a considerable amount of time hand testing at the make-up counter I finally bought MAX FACTOR, MIRACLE TOUCH and I absolutely love it.

It’s a liquid foundation in a round tub which is my best because i always feel it’s so much easier to apply then if it were in a bottle. There are six shades – which is a lot better variety than Benefit’s measly 2 shades. I purchased warm almond and it is perfect for my skin. The coverage is light so doesn’t feel heavy and caked on. The product looked really natural and as its quite matt there was no shiny face to be seen. My skin looked pretty flawless which, trust me, is a rare thing. It also applys very easily without streaky lines. I had a lot of compliments on my skin not makeup – meaning it was unobvious. It also came with a sponge in the bottom.

The only disadvantage is that because half of the pot is a space for the sponge theres not a huge amount in there, but still it is great and i would recommend it. I purchased it for £11.99 at boots and it’s so worth it!

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