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The Contents Of Charlotte’s Makeup Bag (Half My Life!)

Hey there,

Now, having a lot of make-up is all very well (you should see me and Tamara) but we can’t get everything out everywhere we go! So i’ve made a list of everything that has earned it’s rightful place in my glorious makeup bag.

1 Foundation – I have benefit some kind-a gorgeous + a sponge to apply.

2 Blusher – M.A.C. cream blush (all shades are great) benefit (any square blush box).

1 Bronzer – I’m still yet to find one almost as good Benefit Hoola.

1 Concealer – I really need to review some more so your pick or I use Laura Mercier’s.

1 Mayebelline’s Eye Shadow Natural Impact Palette – There is a review of this (Click ‘reviews’ on our category cloud). It’s perfect for day.

2 Eyeshadows – I have a L’oreal colour appeal platinum in pure gold for a nice glow and I have a silver for a more glamourous look (L&B at Sainsburys and MAC are my favourites)

A few eyeliners – I love eyeliner and have a lot of mini one from my 24/7 urban decay as well as white a definite. I also bring brown, black, purple, blue and the ‘all important’ gold. (these are mini).

2 Mascaras – Max Factor’s False Lash Effect, L’oreal Telescopic.

1 Eyelash curler (I have the Laura Mercier one and it is amazing)

1/ 2 lipsticks – 1 medium shade or 1 neutral and a bolder shade (MAC are my favourite)

1 Lipgloss – Everyone needs a good gloss as a pick-me-up – my choice being MAC’s selection

3/4 Brushes – I have my brilliant Body Shop Face & Body brush, a MAC blusher brush & an eyeshadow brush- this is Laura Mercier and comes with a smaller brush on the end for shadow liner.

1 Perfume – We’ll do a post soon but I use Miss Dior Cherie or Diesel Fuel For Life. They smell amazing and I get tonnes of compliments when i wear either one.

Extras – ALWAYS have a few cotton wool buds, cotton wool pads and tweezers.

Hopefully this helps and guides you. A makeup bag is a girls best friend so it has to be kitted out properly inside!!

Stay tuned for more reviews, tips and tricks of the trade!




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