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Hey there,

This is a really, really short post but i thought it needed to be said! OK, so now it’s officially summer and soon people are going to be swimming and going on holiday. Yesss! But there are a couple downfalls of summer and one of those is hair.

Hair in summer can go very dry and lose some of it’s natural shine and colour, often people forget about this but all you need to do to make sure your hair stays in great condition is:

1. ALWAYS use heat protection spray before you go out (I like tresseme)

2. If it’s suitable, tie your hair up (or wear hat)

3. Deep condition for as long as possible each night/or every other night.

If you do this your hair will stay in great condition all of summer so if your going out some where nice you don’t need to be conscious about your hair not looking 100%. I hope you found this post helpful 😀

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