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MAC’s New Fabulous Felines Collection…

Hey there,

Long time, no post – as always, i am genuinely sorry! Anyway, with the new season comes the new MAC collection; released in the UK in september, ‘Fabulous Felines’, has three main looks – ‘Palace Pedigreed’ – greyed tones of blues and purples, ‘Leopard Luxe’ – amber and honey and the last, ‘Burmese Beauty’ – green and smokey.

What most excites me most about this collection are the pigments, which are all frosts, making them perfect for highlighting the face when under dull grey skies. I’m also a sucker for multi-use products, and most of the pigments in this collection are usable all-over-face colours.

If you are like me and cannot possibly wait until september, check out MAC’s american site for more product and collection details here.

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Dark Lips.

BERRIES, plums, burgundies, VIOLETS, Mauves, blackcurrent, rubies,CRIMSONS, roses and CHERRIES.

Autumn/winter 2010 is full of deep dark vampire esc statement lips. Now i’m not recommending you wear lips like this tomorrow with your summer dresses and shorts. No, corals are suitable for a few more weeks but shops are already stacking up their shelves with their next season collections and I thought i’d give you a heads up on what to buy next.

Almost every A/W runway show boasted dark, dark lips and i thought i’d show you my favourites for recreating this. Rhianna, Megan Fox, Lily Allen, Queen Latifah and Christina Aguilera are all working it (although don’t worry if extravagant lips aren’t your thing – nudes never go out!)

To Recreate this Proenza Schouler look i recommend.

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Wine Not (£7.29 boots)

Max Factor colour collections Lipstick in Midnight plum (£7.99 boots)

MAC lipstick in Diva (£12.50 mac)

Channel rouge allure in Maniac (£22.50 boots)

Nars semi-matt lipstick in Viridiana (£17)

Christina Aguilera has gone for a slightly more wearable shade. I’d call it  a mix

between plum and blackcurrent.

Max Factor colour collections Lipstick in Rosewood 833 (£7.99 boots)

Rimmel Moisture renew lipstick in Electric Plum (£5.99 boots)

MAC lipstick in Media (£12.50 MAC)

MAC lipstick in Dark side (£12.50 MAC)

yves saint Laurent rouge per spf 8 in venitian rose


Included in the dark lips this season is reds. No suprises really – it’s all about being bold and vampy. I’m not 100% sure which show this makeup is from, but just keep in mind to re create this you will need A LOT of clear gloss!

Rimmel Moisture renew lipstick in Diva red 500 (£5.99 boots)

Avon ultra colour ri

ch mega impact lipstick

in charged cherry spf15 (£8 Avon OR free with certain products :-D)

Mac lipstick in Lady Danger (£12.50 Mac)

Chanel rouge allure lipstick in Audace (£22.50 boots)


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MAC- going, going, going gone!


You might have realised MAC has a going,going, going gone section on their online website which, if you didn’t guess, is a last chance to buy products before they’re discontinued.  Here are a few of my picks…

To the beach collection- A HUGE proportion of the last chance to by section is the ‘To the beach’ Collection and I don’t know about you, but I am for sure not out of the summer mood yet! This collection is great with nice summery colours and cute packaging, what I will be picking up fast are:

To the beach lipstick (Lazy Days) – A light dirty blue pink lustre. This is a sexy pink perfect for pretty much anytime; it WILL NOT be out as soon as autumn comes, it’s wearable for all occasions the beach, the evening. Wherever.

To the beach eye kohl- These thick eyeliner pencils comes in two stunning colours 1.Rosemary & Thyme= a Mid-tone olive gold with shimmer. For green and Hazel eyes this is guarenteed to make your eyes pop wherever you are. 2.Float on By- A dark green turquoise although I would say it was more blue than green, again if you had any eye colour this would look incredible. As nice as these are I do think £12.50 each is a little steep for eyeliner!

To the beach lustre drops-This liquid highlighter comes in two colours and is a really natural looking highlight for use on brows, cheekbones or mix with moisturiser and yo can use them all of your face and body. With these you also only need a tiny bit so it will last pretty well and for £14.50 a bottle compared to strobe cream and liquid it’s pretty good (their £21 each). The first shade is pink rebel – blue pink with gold pearl. More suitable for lighter skin tones whilst the second is sun rush- peachy bronze with gold pearl suitable for darker skin… Although with this shade if mixed with moisturiser this would be a perfect bronze shimmer for light skin too.

To the beach collection also has a few other great products worth looking out for including eyeshadows, some amazing bronzers, blushes, lip pencils (in bright shades) and lipglass (also in bright shades). This collection ranges from £10 to £18 and although I feel alot of this collection is too bright to last for much longer there is some really great things I don’t want to let slip away!

Mineralise blush duo-Light Over Dark Shade 1: Light yellow brown, Shade 2: Dark peach. This was limited edition and for dark skin it’s really flattering with a pretty pearl finish. And if your on the lookout i’d  have a look at this quick because its really rare and not going to be available much longer.

Studio stick spf 15 foundation- This has aways been a popular medium coverage foundation and the stick for makes it perfect for touch ups. Out of 15 original shades they are discontinuing 3 one of which has already gone out of stock. NC20 and NW15 are the two left both are quite yellow mid tone shades so if that sounds like you.. hurry up!.

Paint pot (coral crepe) – By the amount of Coral products in this goodbye section I think its fair to say it’s not staying popular but this paint pot although very coral in name is actually more of a pretty pink and nice base if pink is your thing.

So as you can see theres a lot of products there which I will be purchasing quick and if any sound nice to you check the section out on the mac website. there is a good few other products including lipsticks, eyeshadows,pencils and powder blush.And just so you know this section is regularly updated.

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MAC’s New Collection – In The Groove!

Hey there,

Sorry for the lack of posts for the last couple of days, but i have been busy working 😦

Anyway, last thursday was the launch of ‘In The Groove’, MAC’s newest collection! This collection is based around bold colours combined with boho chic – sounds interesting…

The collection brings about new Mineralize Blushes (Duo), new Mineralize Skinfinishes and many more.

I went to a MAC store today and tried out the entire collection. My picks??

Mineralize Skinfinish in ‘Petticoat’ and ‘By Candlelight’

Mineralize Eyeshadow (Trio) in ‘Togetherness’

Lipstick in ‘Creme d’Nude’ (this is definitely my favourite!)

Mineralize Blush (Duo) in ‘New Vibe’

Feel free to tell us your picks – just comment below…

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This Seasons Lips.

Hey there,

Flicking through pages and pages of magazines, it’s wasn’t quite as apparent as normal as to what colour lipstick we should all be dashing out to buy. From what i could see, these are this seasons trends: nudes, corals and reds & berries. And finding the right product of each can be challenging. I’m dedicating a post to each of the three mentioned trends – this one is for the nudes.

I like wearing nudes in the day, as they exude an effortless, polished look. Magazines and polls show evidence of men preferring a natural look, as opposed to a bright, flamboyant look. So if you, like me, are a fan of nudes this summer, my colour picks are:

MAC stock a huge selection of top quality shades with different finishes, and all colours cost £12.50.

Please Me (Matte) is a muted light pink shade which is less flamboyant than the lady gaga shade (tamara did a post on that – click here) but it’s more than layering foundation on your lips. It’s a summery, pastel tone, and it would look good with colourful, bright eyeshadow.

Fabby (Frost) is mid-tone mauve with gold pearl – it looks more nude than it sounds. This is versatile, but i’d say that it’s sliding towards the evening end of the wearable scale. (to the left)

Kinda Sexy (Matte) is a neutral pinky-rose – it’s similar to the Please Me, but it’s way toned down. This lipstick allows dark eye makeup to dominate the face, and would be suitable for both evening and day. This one is most nude and muted out of the three MAC shades mentioned, and this suits all skintones.

I could talk about so many more MAC shades but i’m going to save you that much reading hassle and list them for you instead: Midimauve, Snob, Piink!, Angel, High Strung, Creme Cup, Pink Plaid, Shy Girl, Faux, Patisserie, Brave, Syrup, Fanfare, Naked Paris, and for darker skin also try: Half n Half, Fast

Play and Creme D’Nude. Enough of MAC…

Ecco Bella I’ve very slightly mentioned before but the products from this brand are very natural and free of everything -they’re made of vegetables waxes, oil and mineral pigment. They do a great range of moisturising lipsticks; my favourite are Napa Grape, Rosewood and Sangria.

Valerie Beverly Hills was created by Valerie Sarnelle, a makeup artist to the stars who has her own

makeup range and I’m a big fan of hers – click on this link to see her using her own products to create a simple, evening look click here. However, her makeup is not cheap; the lipstick she uses in the video is $25 or around £17. My picks? Shades Joy, Brad and Charity.

Cheap Lipstick Picks:

Collection 2000 Make a competent Volume Sensation Lipstick – these are only £2.99. It’s both moisturising and volumising but only lasts for about an hour so you will need to bring it out with you. It comes in 11 shades and right now if you spend only £4 on collection 2000 you get a free gift! All the shades are quite different for different skin colours – Sea Shell is for me.

Lastly (yes you are probably praising the heavens that you’ve managed to read this

much about nude lipstick!) is Max Factor Colour Collections Lipstick. Tamara actually left some of this at my house and being the makeup obsessive I am, I tried it out. I was actually very impressed; it is very soft and moisturising and is better than a lot of ‘high street’ lipsticks. The most natural, flattering shade I think is English Rose. (right top)

I hope out of the 1000’s of products listed here you may be able to find a nude lipstick! But just so you’re all aware, I have pale-ish skin with medium size, light pink lips so although I can make suggestions I can’t be so sure on totally different skin colours and lip colours because I can’t really compare 😀 But hope this helps anyway.

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MAC Tinted Moisturizer & Strobe Cream…

Hey there,

Long time, no post (it feels like that, anyway) though i was on holiday last week with limited internet access. I do apologize 🙂 I thought i’d mention the products i found myself using most whilst i was on holiday.

Anyway, I got the strobe cream as a birthday gift from Charlotte, because i’d been banging on about it for ages (i’m guessing she wanted to shut me up :P) because i’d tried it in an airport (yes, i do have a tendency to try out the entire duty free store at every single airport i go to. And, if anyone cares, there are MAC counters in both terminals of Gatwick Airport).

On with the product; ‘Strobe Cream’ is a liquid highlighter which can be used both under and over foundation, and on the whole face or only certain parts – your choice. What i love about this highlighter is the quality – the product itself is extremely fine, so it doesn’t look cakey in flat or unflattering lights. This also catches the sun really well when it’s applied on cheekbones, temples and chin, which is why i used it so frequently on holiday. It can easily be used to create a healthy glow, and looks great on sunkissed skin! This is a little pricey, but well worth it, as you get a lot of product in it – it retails for £21.

I also hate wearing foundation in a country so hot that it melts and sweats off, so i turned to my tinted moisturizer for a lighter coverage option. I must admit, i’m not really a fan of MACs foundations, as they’re usually too thick and cakey, but i’m really liking Studio Moisture Tint, which also has SPF 15 in it, making it perfect for day/late afternoon. This creates a dewy look, and it’s one of those products you can get away with buying darker than your skin colour for a more tanned look! (i’m white, but, when tanned, i get away with this product in medium-dark!). I love the ease of application, and it applies evenly with natural-looking coverage. This is also not the cheapest of the cheap, but it beats most summer foundations at £19.

What products do you use in summer?? Feel free to comment below…

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My MAC Airport Findings

Hey there,

At Gatwick Airport, on my way to Geneva with Charlotte 🙂 i discovered a MAC in duty free, so naturally, i left the concession plastered in makeup…

The first thing that caught my eye were the ‘DazzleGlasses’ – ultra-sparkly lip glosses. These come in 17 glittery shades – i tried on ‘Smile’ which is a “light coral with pink and gold pearl”, and i loved it! The amount of sparkle and shimmer was incredible, and the colour would suit most skintones BUT the glosses were a little sticky. These retail at £14.50, which is a little steep for a lipgloss, but they would definitely be great for going out, or if you’re in a rush and you want to add instant glamour to a plain makeup look.

The second thing that intrigued me were the ‘Mineral Blush Duos’. These are limited edition (fingers crossed they don’t discontinue them) blushers which feature 2 complimentary colours – one blusher shade and one glittery shade. I tried ‘Rhapsody in Two’ (top right ->) because it looked safest – some are meant for tanned/darker skin, so i picked the lightest shade which had a colour combination of light pale pink and peachy/gold shimmer. As soon as i applied it, i could see the strong highlight picking up, and my skin glowed. It retails at £17.50 which is a little costly, but it’s a definite purchase for a summer holiday!

I also tried on the limited edition ‘Viva Glam GaGa’ which is the Lady GaGa lipstick – a “light blue pink” which is basically a light pink matte lipstick. I bought this because i liked it so much, and it’s a rare shade – which isn’t helped by it being out of stock in most stores! This retails for the usual £12.50, and all of it goes to help men, women and children everywhere who suffer form AIDS/HIV. It’s great to know that all of it goes to a good cause 🙂

I hope you enjoyed the ‘best of airport MAC’ review – feel free to have your say; just comment below.

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