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My Favourite skin products


I just thought i’d make a post discussing my personal favourite skin care products. I have dry, sensitive skin and although i suffer from a few small breakouts like most people i’ve never had problems with acne or spots.

Being a tad lazy I cleanse if i have had makeup on in the evening to get it off (sometimes twice) and apply moisturiser daily but that’s pretty much it….


I have a HUGE selection of cleansers in my bathroom cabinet so it’s fair to say i’ve tried my fair share of both the good and the bad!

Oil cleanser- Shu uemera is well known for their selection of oil cleansers and iv’e the one for sensitive skin and i like it

, it leaves my skin feeling soft and obviously clean but for £28 for 150 ml (roughly a 3 month supply) and £56.50 for 450 ml it’s extremely pricey. My alternative is origins clean energy gentle cleansing oil which at £16 for 200ml isn’t the cheapest but compared to shu uemera it’s little to pay for a cleansing oil which in my opinion is almost identical.

Soap & glory- i am (self confessed) extremely obsessed with soap & glory and particuarlly their skin care, i find their makeup to be quite hit and miss but it’s one of my faviourte skin care brands for the price, two cleansers i like by them are fab pore hot cloth cleanser which warms up after you’ve rubbedit on your face a trait i like but if you don’t like that feeling i don’t reccomend it; the clesndser leaves my pores noticeably smaller but i wouldn’t say it was the best for removing makeup however i really like it. The other soap & glory cleanser i like is the face soap and clarity 3 in 1 detox viamin c facial wash…. a mouthful i know! This product is enfused with plum which apparenly brightens the skin. Being an exfoliator it can be a tad harsh on the skin and the exfoliating beads are not small but as you rub this in is foams up and leaves my skin feeling extremlly clean without a trace of makeup and a lot smoother and even brighter than before. 

So that’s my favourite cleansers a couple a don’t like are:-

l’oreals perfect clean foaming cream wash

– I had high hopes for this as l’oreals makeup is so good but was quite disappointed the product comes with a round exfoliating scrubber your supposed to add the product to and rub on to your face, even though the package says sothing i found it quite painful as well as sticky and it left my skin bright red and the scrubber was hard to get the dirt out of too.

neutrogena’s visibly clear 2 in 1 wash, mask cleanser- The idea of a wash and mask in one product sounded intruiging so i happily gave this a try the problem is i would only call it a mask if you apply it all over your face and manage to take off again in 5 seconds flat than maybe it would just about work but i find no matter how damp your skin and hands are the product sets on your face and your then supposed to leave it on for 5 minutes. Appart from this the product ok i find it quite messy and it leaves my face cleaner but thats about it, as for minimising spots i can’t really judge.

The only other thing i do to my skin is mouisturize when ever i get chance at least once a day, i have very dry skin and as with cleanser have tried a lot of moisurisers although there are not really and moisturisers that are bad (they all do the same thing) i definitely have two stand out favourites 

clinique dramatically different moisturising lotion- This is part of the famous clinique 3 step skincare plan , i did try this and ended up getting a rash because of my skin being highly sensitive the mostuiser though i was totally fine with and it’s great its not cheap costing between £15 (50ml) and £27 but boy does it work it leaves my skin glowing and nearly baby soft and it keeps my skin moisturised for a good 24 hours, if you are intersted i do reccomend getting the smaller size though because after a few months it does loose it’s concistency slightly and fails to settle in to the skin.soap & glory wish upon a jar 21 day collagen overhaul cream- This is my absolute favourite skin product i recommend it to any one of any age, the collagen helps to remove fine lines but it also leaves my skin feeling bouncy and extremely smooth

and soft as well as making it look much more radiant and reducing discolouration i especially noticed a reduction in slightly red patches on my face and also a minimisation of dark circles. I was sad when my 21 days were up and continued using it anyway, It comes in a round jar which i quite like and cost £14.30 for 50ml so a tiny bit less than clinique but not a lot but i do find that because of being in an openable jar you can get every trace of product out which can’t be said for clinique. I do though prefer using it at night because it takes a while to settle into the skin and i’m not sure how well it would fare on oily skin, however i love it!

I hope you found this helpful 🙂

Charlotte xxx


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Eyelash experiment RESULTS.

Hey there,

So, a few weeks, I wrote a post explaining about the eyelash experiment I was starting (click here for the information about the experiment)

Anyway, I know this post was meant to be finished weeks ago and i am sooo sorry. After about 4 days, being me, I “misplaced” the lash serum, but a couple days later found it again. So I started again but didn’t finish before being whisked off skiing (yer, no internet :o) anyways less excuses here you go finally.

L’oreal Lash Serum

I love the way it applies, it’s a bit like curved mascara wand without bristles so therefore easier to apply than vaseline. I also did notice a slight difference with my lashes particularly in thickness

rather than length but not a huge diference. I did although find that this product was VERY useful when applied before mascara. Using this before mascara means that the mascara wont ruin you lashes and it also helps to make them jet black! So I really suggest using this as a mascara base more than something to use at night! For prices and purchasing information, click on the link above for the previous post on the experiment.


The classic, most well-known way of restoring length and fullness. This is kind of awkward to apply; you have to get it between your fore forefinger and thumb and to get the bottom lashes you have to use your finger as a mascara wand. I have to say it really does help lengthen your lashes though. They feel a lot better now, and if you keep a pot by your bed then it’s easy to apply to your lashes and lips every night, as well as dry patches of skin so all hail the classic vaseline. This is why I love the stuff.

Overall, for something to use at night, vaseline wins, so keep a pot by your bed! I do although suggest putting some L’oreal lash serum in your makeup bag because it really is a great base for mascara.

So there you have it. My opinions.Voila!

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My Eyelash Experiment!

Hey there,

Ok, so you may or may not have gathered that i am just a tad obsessed with eyelashes and mascara, but i really hate how wearing lots of mascara weakens and shortens your eyelashes.

So, i’ve decided to test two methods/products to help keep my lashes long and at their best.

1. Vaseline – This is a well known tip (apply a small amount of vaseline to your eyelashes every night). It is even used by people such as Nicola Roberts.

2. Lorea’l Renewal Lash Serum – Retailing at £10.99 it’s the 1st product easily available to anyone designed to basically renew your lashes from the likes of mascara etc..

Every night i’m going to put one on each eye and after two weeks i’m going to compare the difference it’s made and which is better – Traditional or new?

Have your say – just leave a comment below this post…

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My First Diffuser.

Hey there,

Recently, after remembering the wise words of my extremely camp hairdresser, matt, i decided to buy a diffuser.

So, after a hefty amount of research, i decided to buy the ‘Featherlight Storm Force Hairdryer’ by Lee Stafford for £24.99 reduced from £49.99. I then went into my local boots to find that they were sold out – the only other option was to by the ‘Boots Style Solutions’ hairdryer/diffuser for £17.99. I swallowed my pride and bought it.

I washed my hair as soon as i got home, keen to try it out. I towel-dried my hair so it was damp, and turned it on. The nozzle captured sections of my hair with ease, and took 15mins to dry, instead of hours and hours! My hair is curly and pretty long, and sometimes the length can drag the curls down, leaving a kinky frizz 😦 But, the diffuser emphasized the natural curls and transformed them into ringlets.


(There’s always a but)

It also gave my hair a tremendous amount of volume, which i, erm, *cough* don’t need. I tied my hair up afterwards to ensure i wasn’t sporting the ‘wafro’ (white afro) look the next day!

If you don’t really know about diffusers, they’re large, round, detachable nozzles made for hairdryers. The way they work is that they have teeth which capture hair while the diffuser has little holes in it which help circulate the air coming through the dryer. This process dries wavy/curly hair without frizz (but with volume – BEWARE!). You need to use it on a medium heat and on a low/medium air setting. As the heat level is low, there’s less heat damage – but i recommend using a heat protectant product beforehand (I like to use John Frieda’s hair serum with ‘Thermal Protection’).

If you’re thinking of buying a diffuser yourself, i’d recommend buying a dryer with the nozzle, as i’ve heard many traumatic stories where people have bought a diffuser nozzle that won’t fit on their hairdryer! Or, if you already have a good hairdryer, you could see whether the same brand does a nozzle. Or you could take your hairdryer to boots and try them out for yourself 😀 I also think that all diffusers do the same thing, so don’t waste money on expensive ones…

Good Luck! Feel free to comment…

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25th February 2010

I took the serum on holiday with me recently, and, although i’d put it on the ‘lock’ setting, it opened and leaked everywhere 😦 So, if you do buy it, DO NOT TAKE IT ANYWHERE.



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Home-Made Face Masks.

Hey guys

Now, as you might have noticed, for the previous two posts, me and Tamara have been testing home made recipes lately so, at the weekend, we decided to try making a face mask.

We got the recipe from youtube and it had in it – grated cucumber, avocado, yoghurt, honey and egg yolk.

Basically, we covered our faces with messy, green slimy yuk…It really did nothing for our skin afterwards too. The mask itself was disgusting and horrible to apply. And, as another bonus, it found itself into my hair, top, all over the kitchen and still somehow (*cough cough* Tamara) made it into my trouser pocket (photos will be posted soon). Overall, it was pointless, unpleasant and there was the tiniest or no difference to my skin one i’d finally managed to get it off…

So, I think sticking with the shop bought 99p ones from boots is safest, but if you would like to be totally natural, try Tamara’s egg mask ( you can find this in random – that works!)

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Removing Dark Under-Eye Circles With Potatoes.

Hey there,

If you read the post below, you will find out about Tamara’s side of the experiment – here is mine.

This was my chosen method:

1. Cut a potato in half, then slice it thinly – so you can fit the piece nicely under your eyes (you can do 2 reasonably thin slices or around 5 very thin slices per eye).

2. Splash a few drops of water under you eye, and put the potatoes on top.

3. Leave on for 10 minutes (i lay flat).

Results…. AWFUL. Apart from wasting 10 minutes of my day, leaving my eyes feeling sticky and smelling of raw potatoes, this did nothing what so ever. I really could not see or feel a difference. So I suggest Tamara’s tea bag method or just cold water and concealer.

So there you have it – leaving potatoes under your eyes doesn’t work and i don’t recommend trying it.

Stay tuned for more reviews tips and tricks of the trade. x



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Removing Dark Under-Eye Circles With Tea-Bags

Hey there,

If you happen to scroll down a bit (or click on the ‘Tried & Tested’ category), you’ll see what the experiment was all about. Me and Charlotte were on a mission to test out the two most common home remedies for removing circles; using potatoes and teabags.

I decided i’d try the teabag one, purely because i had no potatoes in my house.

The method is:

  1. Boil a kettle.
  2. Pour the boiling water into a mug with two caffeine containing teabags.
  3. Wait a couple of minutes.
  4. Strain the teabags against the side of the mug and transfer them to a small plate.
  5. When they’re bearably hot, place them on top of your eyes (i’d recommend lying down) for 10mins.

Well, i have a mixed review. The day after the evening i first tried it, my eyes felt really awake – even though i was really tired! The next few days didn’t really seem to work that well, and i started to question whether it was doing anything at all.

Overall, the skin under my eyes has lightened, and my bags have lessened sightly. Although, i think this only works on a weekly basis, so if you want to try it, i’d recommend doing it weekly (sunday night!).

I hope this experiment and review has been helpful…

Stay tuned for more reviews, tips and tricks of the trade.



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