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Prime Your Eyes!

Hey there,

On Saturday, i went to a friends barmitzvah, and, while i was getting ready, wondered whether primers are really necessary. I was young and foolish.

I used No7’s Stay Perfect Smoothing & Brightening Eye Base that costs £7.50 – which is cheaper than most primers. It’s a medium/flesh shade of pink, and has a smooth texture. I would definitely recommend this, because the whole night, my eye makeup didn’t budge. I applied this with my ring finger (not with the crappy brush it came with) all over my eyelid, and, when i applied eyeshadow, i really noticed how the colours seemed to stick to my skin a lot better. This particular primer also looks nice when worn alone, making your eyes look refreshed.

Now, there are some pricier options around, such as benefit’s F.Y…Eye! and Urban Decay’s Primer Potion. I feel that they all do the same thing, and i even prefer the No7 one because it looks nice when worn alone. The more expensive ones are like glorified concealers.

Stay tuned for more reviews, tips and tricks of the trade.




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Christmas Reviews…

Hey guys,

I hope everyone had a fab christmas, and of course (well if your me) christmas means a chance to try out even more cosmetics HORRAY!

So I got rather a lot of products and will by update you on a few things I felt worth commenting on,  soooo…

Urban Decay 24/7 eyeliner kit I love this cute kit which includes 9 small eyeliners all in different colours- 2 black 1 with and 1 without sparkle, browns, grey, blue, green and my favourites a gorgeous purple and gold. Being urban decay you can guarantee these are good and they really are amazing. I recommend these to any one and maybe with the exception of green (which is nice if your making a statement) most of the colours (The green one IS a little too wild for me) were lovely and suitable. They’re also easy to apply and long lasting. 8/10

Soap & Glory Now I know… It’s not exactly makeup or even an individual item but i have lately become addicted to the stuff. It leaves you feeling glowing and gorgeous and your skin as soft as a baby’s bum (i’m almost serious). All of the products are amazing and I especially love ‘the righteous butter’ my new favourite moisturizer and i’ve tried A LOT. I also love their moisturizing body mist – you apply by spraying it on which is great and  gives you immediately softer skin. I’d rate this product 10/10 (my ratings are very rarely that high). The rest of the products are all great too. (9.5/10)

M.A.C. Random Lip Products– These are amazing, there’s a great variety of colours – for a start, as well as being fab to apply and very long lasting. Since mac is such a great brand, they make lip liner and lipgloss with perfectly matching shades (To avoid look the clown look!?). Although i have never been a huge lip liner fan i’m not scared to use these. The gloss is great too, my favourite one for sure. (9/10)

So these were my favourite cosmetic gifts and i recommend them to all of you.

I hope you guys all had an amazing christmas and let us know what you thought of your gifts! x

Stay tuned for more reviews, tips and tricks of the trade xx



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