Dark Lips.

BERRIES, plums, burgundies, VIOLETS, Mauves, blackcurrent, rubies,CRIMSONS, roses and CHERRIES.

Autumn/winter 2010 is full of deep dark vampire esc statement lips. Now i’m not recommending you wear lips like this tomorrow with your summer dresses and shorts. No, corals are suitable for a few more weeks but shops are already stacking up their shelves with their next season collections and I thought i’d give you a heads up on what to buy next.

Almost every A/W runway show boasted dark, dark lips and i thought i’d show you my favourites for recreating this. Rhianna, Megan Fox, Lily Allen, Queen Latifah and Christina Aguilera are all working it (although don’t worry if extravagant lips aren’t your thing – nudes never go out!)

To Recreate this Proenza Schouler look i recommend.

Revlon Matte Lipstick in Wine Not (£7.29 boots)

Max Factor colour collections Lipstick in Midnight plum (£7.99 boots)

MAC lipstick in Diva (£12.50 mac)

Channel rouge allure in Maniac (£22.50 boots)

Nars semi-matt lipstick in Viridiana (£17)

Christina Aguilera has gone for a slightly more wearable shade. I’d call it  a mix

between plum and blackcurrent.

Max Factor colour collections Lipstick in Rosewood 833 (£7.99 boots)

Rimmel Moisture renew lipstick in Electric Plum (£5.99 boots)

MAC lipstick in Media (£12.50 MAC)

MAC lipstick in Dark side (£12.50 MAC)

yves saint Laurent rouge per spf 8 in venitian rose


Included in the dark lips this season is reds. No suprises really – it’s all about being bold and vampy. I’m not 100% sure which show this makeup is from, but just keep in mind to re create this you will need A LOT of clear gloss!

Rimmel Moisture renew lipstick in Diva red 500 (£5.99 boots)

Avon ultra colour ri

ch mega impact lipstick

in charged cherry spf15 (£8 Avon OR free with certain products :-D)

Mac lipstick in Lady Danger (£12.50 Mac)

Chanel rouge allure lipstick in Audace (£22.50 boots)


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Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect foundation.


Now I can only speak for myself but I personally find that foundation is a very tricky thing to buy. I mean there’s a lot to consider shades, thick/thinness, your skin type, price and the list goes on and on and on! For me yes i’ve tried a lot I like and a lot I do not like but for me Bourjois 10 hour sleep effect is perfect. Especially for Summer.

Why is it for me?

This foundation is full of Vitamins E, F, B5 and minerals and is designed to give you a rested, even complexion. The formula is oil free and quite light. It comes in 6 shades (all of which are for people with white skin) there are a lot of red and yellow tone. I am shade 72 and it is my exact skin colour which I have never found before. The bottle is a good size and fits easily in a makeup bag. It is very, very light which made me origianally assume there

was not much product in there but when I compared it had 30ml which is the same as all of my other foundation avon, channel etc and they weigh a hell of a lot more! It also has a pump so you use the exact right amount of product.

Although getting to the point the reason I love this so much is because of what it looks like on. It gives you a really nice dewy, luminous complexion and although it has no collagen in it it gives the impression of young, glowing skin and covers imperfections (and dark circles quite well) without feeling heavy on your skin. It actually feels really light, more like tinted moisturiser. Basically i have been using this foundation for a few weeks now and I am in love with it, for me it is perfect and for sure lives up to the description (a very rare thing!)

Why it may not be for you?

If you have any shade of non white skin than Bourjois just like almost every other average brand in boots doesn’t cater very well for your skin tone and Mac is the place to be.

If you have acne you can use this although you may wan’t something thicker as this won’t give you all the coverage you need (still usable though!)

This is fine for all skin types dry, oily, combination due to the formula being oil free yet sill being moisturising and full of vitamins BUT if you do have oily skin I recommend using or mattifiyng translucent powder on top, in particularly around your T-zone.

Other Information

This foudantion is £8.99 at boots although if you look around it’s cheaper (£6 on ebay is the best deal i’ve found) and I strongly reccomend anyone try it and give me your feedback. I mean on the boots website theres 29 ratings and almost all of them are  5 stars! That got to say something. I hope you like this post and you do try it please let me know your opinions.

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MAC- going, going, going gone!


You might have realised MAC has a going,going, going gone section on their online website which, if you didn’t guess, is a last chance to buy products before they’re discontinued.  Here are a few of my picks…

To the beach collection- A HUGE proportion of the last chance to by section is the ‘To the beach’ Collection and I don’t know about you, but I am for sure not out of the summer mood yet! This collection is great with nice summery colours and cute packaging, what I will be picking up fast are:

To the beach lipstick (Lazy Days) – A light dirty blue pink lustre. This is a sexy pink perfect for pretty much anytime; it WILL NOT be out as soon as autumn comes, it’s wearable for all occasions the beach, the evening. Wherever.

To the beach eye kohl- These thick eyeliner pencils comes in two stunning colours 1.Rosemary & Thyme= a Mid-tone olive gold with shimmer. For green and Hazel eyes this is guarenteed to make your eyes pop wherever you are. 2.Float on By- A dark green turquoise although I would say it was more blue than green, again if you had any eye colour this would look incredible. As nice as these are I do think £12.50 each is a little steep for eyeliner!

To the beach lustre drops-This liquid highlighter comes in two colours and is a really natural looking highlight for use on brows, cheekbones or mix with moisturiser and yo can use them all of your face and body. With these you also only need a tiny bit so it will last pretty well and for £14.50 a bottle compared to strobe cream and liquid it’s pretty good (their £21 each). The first shade is pink rebel – blue pink with gold pearl. More suitable for lighter skin tones whilst the second is sun rush- peachy bronze with gold pearl suitable for darker skin… Although with this shade if mixed with moisturiser this would be a perfect bronze shimmer for light skin too.

To the beach collection also has a few other great products worth looking out for including eyeshadows, some amazing bronzers, blushes, lip pencils (in bright shades) and lipglass (also in bright shades). This collection ranges from £10 to £18 and although I feel alot of this collection is too bright to last for much longer there is some really great things I don’t want to let slip away!

Mineralise blush duo-Light Over Dark Shade 1: Light yellow brown, Shade 2: Dark peach. This was limited edition and for dark skin it’s really flattering with a pretty pearl finish. And if your on the lookout i’d  have a look at this quick because its really rare and not going to be available much longer.

Studio stick spf 15 foundation- This has aways been a popular medium coverage foundation and the stick for makes it perfect for touch ups. Out of 15 original shades they are discontinuing 3 one of which has already gone out of stock. NC20 and NW15 are the two left both are quite yellow mid tone shades so if that sounds like you.. hurry up!.

Paint pot (coral crepe) – By the amount of Coral products in this goodbye section I think its fair to say it’s not staying popular but this paint pot although very coral in name is actually more of a pretty pink and nice base if pink is your thing.

So as you can see theres a lot of products there which I will be purchasing quick and if any sound nice to you check the section out on the mac website. there is a good few other products including lipsticks, eyeshadows,pencils and powder blush.And just so you know this section is regularly updated.

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Nicole by O.P.I


Me and Tamara are both nail polish fans – Tamara even has her own nail category (Tamara’s Nail Polish Collection) so it was no wonder I was excited to try their sister brand, Nicole by O.P.I.


Looking at all the colours, Nicole hasn’t got nearly as many as O.P.I (although that was to be expected) there were still lots of shades! I own two colours – be aware if you are going to buy from the website, the ‘try-it-on’ feature looks nothing like the actual colour. The shades I have are:

Fanatical Fuchsia – I LOVE this colour. This is a purple/magenta two toned colour with a ‘burple’ sheen that captures the light. The strong purple undertones create a deep colour, and the fact it’s two toned makes you want to just stare at it! I also find that if you apply a thin coat, the colour is much more pink and a thick coat much more purple. This is a unique shade which will add an edge to a floral outfit that is ‘oh-so-perfect’ for summer.

Sheer Fun – This is a light, neutral pretty pink with gold shimmer that adds a pretty twist. This colour is also dual-toned, but it’s a lot lighter than Fanatical Fuchsia. If you’re a person that likes a french manicure, you’d love the golden peach shimmer that radiates from the funky shaped bottle.

From what I gather the colours are really mixed so very different from normal nail polish (Tamara also has a watery black with weak red undertones, I can’t remember the name but that’s a great colour too and i’ve never seen anything like it before!) All the colours seem quirky and fun and quite different which I love and I’d for sure recommend you try a colour yourself.

On  a slightly less positive note they are quite slow to dry and can chip throughout the day :s but however they are still pretty good quality. You can buy them at boots for £6.95, which is cheaper than regular O.P.I although i don’t think this is sold in every boots so I recommend boots online (they have 24 shades). They also stock a lot of top and base coats, strengthening, moisturising, top coats – you name it!

So if you wan’t some fun, quirky and just quite different nail polish I recommend you check them out for yourself. 😀

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Why Bother Making Spot Creams??

Hey there,

Recently, i read Youtube Guru Lauren Luke’s online column for The Guardian, where she recommends ‘tea tree oil’ for treating stubborn spots. I couldn’t see the harm in spending £3.59 on a Holland & Barrett bottle.

At the time (‘the time’ being a week ago) i had a really awful spot that was just begging to be squeezed, so i did (i’ll spare you the gory details :P) and then i rubbed a little of this on before i went to bed. The strong smell is extremely distinctive, but it luckily wears off in the night – also, when applied, it does sting a little, but i like knowing that it’s working…

After applying it for three nights in a row, the spot had gone. No scarring, and no dry skin – i was amazed. I’m also pretty relieved, as i know i won’t be splashing out on any expensive spot treatments soon.

These bottles are available online and instore – click here for more information

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Cream Blush.

Hey there,

Recently it looks like cream blushes are getting more and more popular and although I wasn’t sure about them

originally, but I must admit I have been transformed! The other thing though is, when I apply my powder blush, I bring right up to my cheekbones, but with cream blush, only apply to the apples of the cheeks or it can end up looking like you’ve joined the circus.

The good points

I feel that they look a lot more natural and instead of looking like you have powder blush on (even if it a nice blush!) you look like you have a really healthy, happy glow. The colours also turn out slightly different on particular skin tones so you can easily match your skin and go with the season!

The not-so-good points

Now I do think that if your not at all good at applying makeup evenly it can go slightly patchy and also if you wear a lot of powder foundation it can rub it off slightly. They can also be more expensive (by quite a bit) although they also last much, much longer.

To be honest the positives out way the negatives and now  that is summer a healthy natural glow is just what everyone needs. My cream blushes are:-

MAS ‘Posey’- This colour is oozes summer. It is even slightly coral so very in and complements both pale and tanned skin. It is also a little bit shimmery which is only good, but really it just completly brightens your face and makes you look very happy and sumery. As good as macs cream blushes are (and they certaintly have the biggest coloour collection!) They are a bit tricky to blend because they are when you first take them out the compact quite sticky, but overall the hugge range of shades allows me to forget that.

Estee lauder ‘Signature Satin Cream Blush’ (all four colours) – This blends really, really, reaally well! And is soo natural. They’re not sticky at all, so even if you normally don’t like applying cream blushes you would have no problem with this what so ever! Its amazing to apply and comes with quite a large amount a well as being a great natural colour.

So there you go. I have to say this summer I will be using cream blush, normally with tinted moisturizer but it works with foundation just as well. Although maybe not powder, I do suggest everyone buy one because you too will be transformed 😀 if you’re  not already a fan! But just make sure that you only apply a small amount I have numerous times put too much on my finger and finished with a creepy doll’s pink circle cheeks.

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The Number 1 Spot Cover Up Stick.

Hey there,

It’s official: organic, mineral and well just good quality makeup is taking over the globe!

Recently I woke up and looked in the mirror to find a huge red spot! So at first I tried about every concealer and cover up stick around, topped with a lot of foundation and yes it all covered it up, but later in the day it was visible again and it wasn’t getting any better. So I decide to try out my Ecco Bella Flowercolor cover up.

Wow. Now I have always thought that cover ups are slightly pointless on spots (although if I look a bit for wear I do use them as concealer) and don’t work too well (The body shops = disaster!) but this Oh My God the spot was gone in less than a second and proceeded to stay like that all day long 😀

It looks a bit like a skin coloured lipstick, but on a spot it looks like the spot’s been airbrushed away! And, since it’s organic and good quality, it won’t make the spot worse like other cover up sticks.

Also the ingredients of this product are very……..different!

Castor oil, isopropyl palmitate (from palm oil), candelilla wax, beeswax, organic calendula oil, organic chamomile oil, organic jojoba oil, 100iu Vitamin E, titanium dioxide and flower wax iron oxides.- but odd as they might sound I can’t thank enough who every thought. I know lets make a cosmetics range……..and put beeswax inside!

This isn’t cheap but it is 110% worth the $15.95 so about £10 or £11. It also comes in two shades (both white) they are beige which I have and Medium beige. If you have spotty skin this is a must have life changing product but if your like me and gets the odd spot from time to time it’s a life saver too!

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