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MAC- going, going, going gone!


You might have realised MAC has a going,going, going gone section on their online website which, if you didn’t guess, is a last chance to buy products before they’re discontinued.  Here are a few of my picks…

To the beach collection- A HUGE proportion of the last chance to by section is the ‘To the beach’ Collection and I don’t know about you, but I am for sure not out of the summer mood yet! This collection is great with nice summery colours and cute packaging, what I will be picking up fast are:

To the beach lipstick (Lazy Days) – A light dirty blue pink lustre. This is a sexy pink perfect for pretty much anytime; it WILL NOT be out as soon as autumn comes, it’s wearable for all occasions the beach, the evening. Wherever.

To the beach eye kohl- These thick eyeliner pencils comes in two stunning colours 1.Rosemary & Thyme= a Mid-tone olive gold with shimmer. For green and Hazel eyes this is guarenteed to make your eyes pop wherever you are. 2.Float on By- A dark green turquoise although I would say it was more blue than green, again if you had any eye colour this would look incredible. As nice as these are I do think £12.50 each is a little steep for eyeliner!

To the beach lustre drops-This liquid highlighter comes in two colours and is a really natural looking highlight for use on brows, cheekbones or mix with moisturiser and yo can use them all of your face and body. With these you also only need a tiny bit so it will last pretty well and for £14.50 a bottle compared to strobe cream and liquid it’s pretty good (their £21 each). The first shade is pink rebel – blue pink with gold pearl. More suitable for lighter skin tones whilst the second is sun rush- peachy bronze with gold pearl suitable for darker skin… Although with this shade if mixed with moisturiser this would be a perfect bronze shimmer for light skin too.

To the beach collection also has a few other great products worth looking out for including eyeshadows, some amazing bronzers, blushes, lip pencils (in bright shades) and lipglass (also in bright shades). This collection ranges from £10 to £18 and although I feel alot of this collection is too bright to last for much longer there is some really great things I don’t want to let slip away!

Mineralise blush duo-Light Over Dark Shade 1: Light yellow brown, Shade 2: Dark peach. This was limited edition and for dark skin it’s really flattering with a pretty pearl finish. And if your on the lookout i’d  have a look at this quick because its really rare and not going to be available much longer.

Studio stick spf 15 foundation- This has aways been a popular medium coverage foundation and the stick for makes it perfect for touch ups. Out of 15 original shades they are discontinuing 3 one of which has already gone out of stock. NC20 and NW15 are the two left both are quite yellow mid tone shades so if that sounds like you.. hurry up!.

Paint pot (coral crepe) – By the amount of Coral products in this goodbye section I think its fair to say it’s not staying popular but this paint pot although very coral in name is actually more of a pretty pink and nice base if pink is your thing.

So as you can see theres a lot of products there which I will be purchasing quick and if any sound nice to you check the section out on the mac website. there is a good few other products including lipsticks, eyeshadows,pencils and powder blush.And just so you know this section is regularly updated.

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