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Lip Exfoliator.


I am really sorry about the lack of posts lately. Over two weeks is bad I know but me and Tamara’s holidays overlapped. Anyway she is in crete but will be back next week. And I have returned from France with an actual tan :D.

A month or so ago Tamara and I had a bit of a Lush Splurge and one of the products we both bought was their Flavoured lip exfoliator for £4.50 each.

Lip Exfoliator’s are not used all too much but I think they are a necessity and really should be used before putting anything on your lips. They completly get rid of ay dryness and obvious ridges as well as mositursing your lips.

Now thats only a start my favourite part about these lip scrubs are the flavours BUBBLEGUM, MINT and CHOCOLATE. Every flavour taste amazing and it’s 100% edible.They all contain castor sugar and organic jojoba oil and a few natural colours and flavourings. Each pot contains 25g so a good amount and is of course being lush hand made. My lips have never been in better condition and lipstick looks a lot better on.

If you would like it even cheaper you can make a similar version yourself. All you need is a teaspoon of sugar two tablespoons of honey and a little dollop of vaseline. Mix it together and you have a homemade version. 😀 (Watch Michelle Phan YouTube makeup guru do it here-http://www.youtube.com/user/michellephan?blend=1&ob=4#p/u/13/eajIxcf0ZZA

Personally I prefer the Lush version, it’s not sticky and more edible 🙂

I really can’t see any faults here it’s perfect for yourself or as a gift. I gave a few to some friends as gifts and their all hooked to! So next time you go shopping pick one (or a few) of these up at the till and i’m sure you won’t regret it.

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